“Por la Razón y la Ciencia”, by Chilevisión and VTR, features Merlin


“Por la Razón y la Ciencia” is an acclaimed scientific knowledge diffusion show created by Fundación VTR and Chilevisión (Turner). As part of season 3, they visited Merlin's offices in Santiago.

In this episode – dedicated to "Communications" – they learned more about the work we do in the field of social research using Artificial Intelligence. We discussed various strategies used to capture and better understand people’s thoughts in studies, the use of cutting-edge tools, and other ways in which technologies are altering social research.

The show includes interviews with José Ferreiro, our Director of Research and Linguistics of Merlin Deep Network Analytics; Mauro Arancibia, CEO of Merlin Research, and Merlin’s CTO Mario Arancibia.